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Raise Your Vibration

Sana Joudeh

My Story Continues

Through a deep turmoil of loss and love, life decided to shake me to the core, with the sudden death of my mother, followed by the loss of a dear friend after deep struggle. I was left with no choice, but to personalize the journey. 

With my values in hand, I focused my learning towards self-discovery, and personal growth, with the hope to heal the pain, become a better person and find my peace. Amazingly, I found myself going through a SHIFT, taking the first steps to Self-Mastery.

The journey was not paved with roses, but it eventually led me back to my personal field of roses! It was my way of showing appreciation to the loved ones I lost!

Realizing that such transformation is possible to achieve led me to investing in mastering coaching, so I can professionally play the catalyst role and help others through their journey of personal transformation.

Some people call it an awakening, for me it is resetting to default mode for being a human.

“When the device is not working as you want, you go back to the instruction manual”




My Family

A bundle of joy and love; a soulmate, a free spirit, an aspiration musician, and a potential world class football player (plus a hairy ball called Lennon). 

We grew together; we continue to grow for and because of each other.

Discover Your Heart Intelligence


Sana Joudeh

My Credentials

Me In Action

Body language; the impact of unspoken messages


Discipline is a skill that everyone needs


Overcoming challenges by mastering your inner state


Importance of balance between being realistic and visionary 


Insights From My Journey

Through the different courses and workshops I attended across my journey; key insights resonated with me and impacted my life. These are universal principles that shape our reality and apply to all of us.

Bachelor's in Pharmacy

Master Life Coach

NLP Master Practitioner

Heart Math Certified Coach

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Raise your vibration

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