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Raise Your Vibration

Sana Joudeh

Resilience Training

This training provides practical day-to-day applications that elevate your life experience; it provides science-based practices and effective techniques to build your personal resilience and allow you to navigate through life from a place of empowerment and self-security.

This Training Includes:
  • 9 hours of training
    + practical practice

  • Guidebook + handouts

  • Certificate of completion

  • Opportunity to join our community





    In this course you will learn how to:

  • Improve your mental and emotional strength

  • Increase personal resilience and energy levels

  • Enhance your ability to maintain composure during challenges

  • Reduce fatigue and exhaustion

  • Promote the body’s natural regenerative processes

  • Improve coordination and reaction times

  • Enhance your ability to think clearly and find better solutions 

  • Increase access to intuitive intelligence

  • Resilience Advantage Program

    Resilience skills for clear choices, optimal function and innovative action

     Week 1

    Lesson 1: 

    Introduction to resilience concept, stress and a technique for solutions

    Lesson 2:

    The physiology of coherence and our energy drains

    Lesson 3:

     Practical practice of resilience building techniques

     Week 2

    Lesson 1:

    Our Emotions, Depletion to renewal

    Lesson 2:

    Sustaining resilience strategies, practical practice

    Lesson 3:

    Tapping into your heart intelligence & intuition

     Week 3

    Lesson 1:

    Relational energetics and communication

    Lesson 2:

    Establishing new baseline

    Lesson 3:

    Heat mapping

    Bachelor's in Pharmacy

    Master Life Coach

    NLP Master Practitioner

    Heart Math Certified Coach

    Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

    Raise your vibration

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