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Eliminate The Roadblocks That Are Holding You Back

Overcome Frustration, Enable Progress, and Lead With Confidence


Tap into The Power Within

  • Did you know that self-doubt is one of the main reasons for stagnation in a person’s professional development?

  • Have you ever missed an opportunity due to a lack of self-confidence?

  • Is it frustration that is holding you back?

  • Frustration Can Slow You Down, Inhibit Your Progress Or Even
    Immobilize You!

    Overcoming frustration and self- doubt, enabling progress and leading with courage are essential for success in any field. Imagine you had the
    confidence to speak up and express yourself freely.

    What would your life be like if you knew how to listen and manage your frustration, reset and progress with confidence?

    Imagine how your life would be if you were certain of who you are, felt good about yourself and you became the person who stands out.

    We all have the power within! We can learn how to listen to our wisdom, shift our perception, understand our feelings and boost our confidence.
    Deep inside you know what you deserve. I know you can have it!

    It's time to reach your goals and feel good about yourself!!


    Hi, I’m Sana,

    With my help, you'll find a way out of frustration and eliminate self-doubt, so that you can express yourself with assertiveness, progress with confidence and lead with courage.

    Thrive with pride.

    Coach Sana standing
    Coach Sana in training

    The Progress With Confidence 90-Day Program

    What to Expect

  • How to listen to your frustration before you get rid of it!

  • Overcome self-doubt

  • Become certain of who you are

  • Progress with confidence 

  • ..so that you can confidently progress in the right direction and become the person that stands out.

    How does it work

    Over 90 days, we’ll meet in person or remotely on a weekly basis for 60 minutes. I’ll support you in these sessions and take you through a journey that will allow you to express who you truly are and progress with confidence..

    You will have access to me and have me by your side via whatsapp.

    Investment in yourself

    $1197 in one payment will enable you to make the progress you always wanted and feel good about yourself


    Get immediate access to the members-only, female professionals support group! We meet once a month to discuss topics of interest, share our experiences and empower each other.


    You know that you can only change if you make a change.



    “Sana genuinely cares, working with her helped me become kinder to myself and learned how to challenge my thoughts.”

    “Working with Sana helped me manage my stress and reduce anxiety.”

    "The sessions with Sana, changed the way I think, I felt empowered and shifted to another place”