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A Little More About Me

Sana Joudeh

I Didn’t Always Have This Energy, Inspiration And Love Within Me!

In fact, just a few years ago you could have found me stressed, frustrated and dissatisfied about myself and my career.

After a deep turmoil of the traumatic loss of my father in my childhood, I felt betrayed, I felt weak and lost. The emotional pain was so strong and I chose to hide it and built a strong, social personality to cover my pain.

This personality served me through my teenage years and university where I studied pharmacy and I met my husband. We moved out of our country to build our family and everything seemed to be working well.

Coach Sana sitting on sofa
Coach Sana in the reception

Fast forward to 2013, when I had my 3 children and I was a busy perfectionist and achiever woman. I never stopped working since I graduated and I worked in different roles in the pharmaceutical field.

Life decided to shake me to the core, with the sudden death of my mother and forced me to stop, reflect and slow down. I started reading more. I decided I want to live a peaceful and joyful life with my family but that was not the experience my daughters had. They felt I am always stressed and questioned if I am happy.

I decided to invest in myself to be the mom they deserve and my journey to coaching and self-discovery was born.

I discovered that I was seeking validation and deep down in my core I was still not feeling good enough and whatever I achieved was not satisfying, through coaching I learned how to uncover the layers and how to accept my emotions and how to listen to my frustration and then the shift happened.

I emerged into a coach and I enjoyed it, but I was still working in the pharma industry.

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Another level of transformation happened soon after that when I faced another big challenge.

My best friend was diagnosed with a terminal disease, a quest for a miracle and a strong desire to change reality led me to different transformational experiences and training. My intention was to support her and help her heal but little did I know that I was becoming a conscious, resilient coach with a burning desire to help. I lost her and I was left with no choice, but to personalize the journey.

My work felt empty, very far from who I wanted to be and how I want to serve. Listening to my heart I decided to shift my career and became a full-time coach and trainer, a journey that required courage, certainty, and a very strong desire.

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